Kerecsen - Y-gloves

Kerecsen - Y-gloves
Kerecsen - Y-gloves
Kerecsen - Y-gloves
Kerecsen - Y-gloves
Kerecsen - Y-gloves
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S-Right-handed Archer-Black: pcs
S-Right-handed Archer-Dark Brown: pcs
S-Right-handed Archer-Light Brown: 10 pcs
S-Left-handed Archer-Black: pcs
S-Left-handed Archer-Dark Brown: pcs
S-Left-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
M-Right-handed Archer-Black: pcs
M-Right-handed Archer-Dark Brown: pcs
M-Right-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
M-Left-handed Archer-Black: pcs
M-Left-handed Archer-Dark Brown: pcs
M-Left-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
L-Right-handed Archer-Dark Brown: 13 pcs
L-Right-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
L-Left-handed Archer-Dark Brown: pcs
L-Right-handed Archer-Black: 18 pcs
L-Left-handed Archer-Black: pcs
L-Left-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
XL-Right-handed Archer-Black: pcs
XL-Right-handed Archer-Dark Brown: 23 pcs
XL-Right-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
XL-Left-handed Archer-Black: pcs
XL-Left-handed Archer-Dark Brown: pcs
XL-Left-handed Archer-Light Brown: pcs
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The y-gloves, or running gloves, protect the surface of the hand holding the bow from damage caused by the feathers of the arrow. They are made of soft leather, their inner surface is suede. They are stably sewn and the rubber leg that fits on the back of the hand does not tend to stretch. The size can be adjusted with Velcro on the wrist.

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